In our inaugural year, Powered With Pride donated an iconic $2013 to the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation (KPF).  Pictured above are PWP co-founders Keith LaBelle, Bridget Pitcock and Meg Hancock presenting Chad Eddings with the donation at a July 2013 ceremony.



Powered with Pride is pleased to announce the Powered With Pride 5K Charity Partner grant! The purpose of the grant is fairly broad. We are seeking a non-profit Charity Partner whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in Louisville and Kentuckiana.

Any and all non-profit entities are encouraged to apply via this link: Become a Charity Partner

The application will close on February 15, 2014. We hope to name our 2014 Charity Partner by March 1. Please share this post with individuals associated with non-profits and non-profit organizations.