CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!  Not just to our 2015 5K winners, but for everyone who crossed the finish line this past Saturday!  WE COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD!


Overall Male: James Kraus; 18:47
Overall Female: Kristen McCrary; 21:33

Age Groups:
15-19: William; Alanie Bauer
20-24: James Kraus; Casey Gettelfinger
25-29: JD Mitchell; Courtney Langdon
30-34: Neil Walsh; Kristen McCrary
35-39: Gerald Beckman; Crystal Wheatley
40-44: Steve Brehm; Danielle Archer
45-49: Jason Powell; Jennifer Shelton
50-54: Tony Garrett; Patti Ellis
55-59: Bob Walker; Laura Zimmerman
60-64: Ernesto Scorsone; Maureen Kelly
65+: Gary Young; Analy Scorsone